Welcome to SQUID, your Elite Creative Squad
At SQUID, we dive into the depths of creativity to emerge with solutions that illuminate your brand's true potential.  Our squad is not just a team – we're a formidable collective force of freelancers recruited to combat the mundane and unleash exceptional aesthetics and workflow into the creative universe.  At SQUID, we're not just here to create; we're here to revolutionise.  Our strategies and designs aren't just about looking good - they're about making a difference.

Why Choose SQUID?
Flexible & Personalised: Unlike the monolithic agencies, we offer the bespoke attention you deserve.
Highly Trained Creatives: Each member of our squad is selected for their unique ability to strategise and execute a specific brief.
Impactful Design: We make art, not war. Our mission is to make a change through design, one project at a time.
Anonymous Yet Effective: We pride ourselves in our anonymity, moulding perfectly with your team to make a lasting impact.

Who We Serve
Creative Agencies seeking reliable and exceptional support.
Visionary Creatives & Executive Creative Directors.
Startups craving game-changing design and ergonomically designed workflows.
Freelance Designers striving for collaboration.
Brands in pursuit of out-of-the-box solutions.
SMEs in UAE looking for a creative edge.